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(Anthony Livet)

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Tone is native of France, working and living in Montreal, Canada. If you are a junkie of contemporary urban art and a graffiti enthusiast, his artwork will leave you amazed. Tone is a painting devotee. It was and still is the medium used to express himself and to channel his own energy. Inspired by the graffiti's movement, living and loving the electric vibes of urban cities, Tone studied in architecture and in graphics, which his knowledge is reflected into his very own personal projects. In 2007, he founded his company T-Pakap Production and from then was invited to feature his art in multiple art gallery and events in France, in the United States, in the UK, and finally in Canada. Having the urban essence within himself, Tone takes inspiration into the very liveness of the city. His artwork is composed of four categories: the women's faces, the calligraphy, urban landscapes and urban vibes and thoughts. Tone does not only work on painting canvas. Since 2013 and under the same thematic, he launched a new range of indoor furniture under the MobiTone collection, all made from recycled, retouched or appropriated by Tone himself. He uses mostly canvas and wood panels to create his most brilliant compositions mixing mediums such as typography, architecture, graphics, calligraphy and human faces. He has the ability to use single urban elements such as fragment of texts, stencils, magazines' pictures, miscellaneous objects found in the streets, ink, marks and pencils mars, and to make them all complement themselves into one single homogeneous composition. His energy and love of working with various styles and subjects are very well reflected into his artwork.

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