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Shahram Alizadeh

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Shahram Alizadeh,born on October 23th in Teheran lives with 2 Wonderful Kids and his Wife in Vienna.
In his early Childhood he discovered his creative Side and his love for Art,this gave the young War refugee a Sanctuary in the New and Unknown World of Austria.
His Life was an Odyssey without rest for Years,in his Teenage Years he had to live on the Streets of Vienna until a Man who would become his Pulling Father took him to his Home
which would become Years Later also a Home for his little Family.
8 Years ago he started to work with Acrylics by Accident and for fun until he didn't wanted to stop.
It didn't took long until he had some Exhibitions in Vienna,Berlin and also did some Cover-artworks for Vienna based Bands.

His Art doesn't have a real Direction,he simply creates.
The Works are mostly Colorful Scenarios with Exploding Fantasy,a really bright Side which also if you look closer gives a Hint about the Dark Sides of his Life.
As his Kids were Born he remembered his own Childhood and his Works became more Colorful again,they inspired him the Most.
So in some Way you could say with his Art he gets also a little bit of his own Lost Childhood back.
Only a Child has a pure rich Soul,as how every Human should be.

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