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Gabriele Esau


Gabriele Esau was born in Neuenbürg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

From an early age, she loved painting and drawing as a means to represent her own fantasies, desires, and dreams.   She decided against the initially plan to study art because its contents did not meet her expectations and instead opted for a science degree. However, her passion for art was always present. She taught herself by training through books, museums visits, exchanges with other artists, and personal experience.  The content of her images is determined by the artist’s fantasies, perceptions, life, and love for animals and nature.   For the artist, visual arts means an expression that starts where words are not enough and the camera can’t see anything.Gabriele Esau wants to make this visible through a realistic manner of painting. Her genre is realism and fantastic realism and preferred media are oil paints and graphite.


Gabriele has participated in many national and international exhibitions.




Exhibition catalogue “Phantastische Venus”, Bavaria, 2015


FANTASMUS Artbooks: IMAGINAIRE IX – Contemporary Magic Realism, Denmark 2017


FANTASMUS Artbooks: IMAGINAIRE X – Contemporary Magic Realism, Denmark 2018



“Encyclopedia of Fantastic Female Artists “

published by fantart publishing,

Author: Gerhard Habarta

Publisher: Books on Demand; Edition : 1 (2017)

ISBN-10: 3746035309

ISBN-13: 978-3746035307

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